GZR at the NC State Earth Fair

Green Zone is a US textile reclamation operator. Clothing, shoe, and other textile deposits in our DropZones promote sustainability through the reduction of landfill waste, redirection of textiles to second hand markets, and offers a closed-loop cycle for industrial production of new products with recycled fibers.  


We are living in a critical period of Earth’s environmental history. Though people may debate the causes of environmental problems or disagree about what is to be done, there is little doubt that humanity faces significant, global challenges affecting the quality and sustainability of life on this planet.     Green Zone and our partners in change have an obligation to             RESPOND.

We hope to service more counties, municipal collection centers, thrift stores, and charity organizations in 2018 and will continue to educate and inform citizens about the benefits of textile reuse and recycling.


Green Zone is different because we’re the whole (albeit small) package.
Green Zone is experienced in the textile reclamation industry,
an advocate on trend with the future of textile recycling,
and offers free environmental program consultations.

Custom Enclosure Installation in Clayton, NC
Custom Enclosure Installation in Clayton, NC

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