Green Zone is a small recycling company helping communities divert unwanted textiles from landfill waste into reusable goods.

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Green Zone strives to keep reusable textiles out of landfills.  Recycled fibers are used in a variety of new products.
Help us keep our future bright and green by dropping your unwanted clothing and textiles into our collection boxes.
We can take stained items, ripped or torn items, or even a single shoe!

It’s easy to donate and recycle textiles!  Just secure your washed and dried items in a bag before placing into the DropZone.

Only textile items please!  Placing trash or large/heavy items such as couches and TVs next to bins is unsightly, unsanitary, and hinders our recycling efforts.  Please contact your municipality to determine where to donate or dispose of items we cannot accept.

Our Mission

At Green Zone Recycling we take pride in our service.

With over 1,000 bins at convenient locations along the east coast, we make it easy to keep reusable products out of landfills. We have a long record of quality maintenance routines to keep our DropZone locations free of trash and respond to maintenance requests within 24 hours.

Your convenience is our business. Help us dress up the world!


Our Company Goals


Green Zone is trying to change the perception and convenience of “donation bins” through leading by example with our DropZones.

It’s now time to RETHINK RECYCLING beyond the traditional commodity markets for glass, plastic, and paper you may see in a shopping center.  Many stores now offer collection containers for electronics, ink cartridges, light bulbs, batteries, plastic grocery bags, etc. for recycling.

People are more likely to recycle when convenient receptacles are visible while shopping and running errands.  Green Zone DropZones offers another step to reduce waste. While some bin companies try to hide behind advertising profits to charity and give our industry a bad reputation with poor maintenance, Green Zone strives to be different and the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much textile waste ends up in landfills?

Nearly 100% of used textiles are recyclable, yet the average person attributes 81 lbs of textile waste to landfills every year. This is equivalent to 6% of the total US Municipal Solid Waste stream!
Source: EPA Advancing Sustainable Materials Management 2014 Fact Sheet

“While the EPA estimates that the textile recycling industry recycles approximately 3.8 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste (PCTW) each year, this only accounts for approximately 15% of all PCTW, leaving 85% in our landfills.” – Council for Textile Recycling

What is a textile and what types can be recycled?

Textiles are the cloth, fabric, natural, or synthetic materials used to create clothing, clothing accessories (such as belts and shoes), and household items (such as curtains and towels).

We accept clothing, shoes, and other household textiles in our DropZones.

Any clothing or household textile can be recycled as long as it is WASHED & DRY, NOT MOLDY, and NOT CONTAMINATED with a solvent-type liquid (gasoline, Goof Off, etc.).


Is Green Zone a non-profit organization?

Several recycling bin operators have recently come under fire for their shady practices and minimal donations to advertised charities.  Like many reclamation operators and waste haulers, we operate for-profit.  Green Zone is a member of the SMART Association and abides by their published Collection Bin Operator Code of Conduct.

Green Zone is a small family-owned business and our profit margins are used to sustain the business costs of collecting, storing, and transporting collected materials, as well as employing our great staff.

We are transparent with our business practices and list our for-profit status on our drop stations.  Our charitable acts, involvement in local communities, or offerings to help those in need are not advertised for the sake of good public relations.  We service thrift stores and charities which provides funding for their own programs.

Bottles, cans, paper, and other recycling commodities are collected by for-profit companies, and textile recycling is no different.  Private sector businesses offer many benefits to municipalities and contributions to meet national economic, philanthropic and environmental objectives.

Don't municipalities have recycling programs for clothing like they do for plastic, glass, paper, etc?

Very few communities understand the need for more convenient recycling containers.  Those that do may offer textile recycling at their citizen waste drop-off centers.  Many cities and counties are afraid of the proliferation of irresponsible reclamation operators and unfairly ban these businesses from operating within their jurisdiction. 

Green Zone is a successful and reputable business that provides a sustainable waste management solution.  We offer our extensive knowledge and advice to municipalities wanting to reduce money spent on the disposal of heavy textiles in the waste stream.

We offer resources to assist your local government in easily incorporating textile recycling in your area at no cost!  

With over 15 years in the business and an environmental engineer with municipal government experience on staff, we provide resources and insight for inclusion in the new planning/zoning code, as well as the permitting process to help facilitate a new or improved textile recycling program in your area.

Want a local textile recycling program?  Check your City/County website to find your local Recycling Coordinator and request this service.  Tell them to contact us for more information, or better yet, let us know how we can help!

Check out our latest news for more info on how to get involved in your area. 

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