Hosting a Green Zone recycling bin is a great way to support your community, local economy and share your commitment to sustainability with your customers and neighbors.

A Green Zone recycling bin is an easily accessible drop off location for unwanted clothing and household textiles that can be reused.

As a destination, the bin attracts customers and prospects, all while earning you passive income.

Our bins increase recycling rates and reduce costs to your municipality, making it a win-win for the community!

Benefits for Hosting a Donation Bin

  • Free and easy to obtain an attractive and secure DropZone
  • Extra source of income with no commitment or responsibility of your staff
  • Drives foot traffic to your business
  • Provides a convenient service to your customers
  • Demonstrates your commitment to supporting the community
  • Reduces landfill waste and associated disposal costs
  • Encourages recycled product development
  • Funds affordable clothing and business opportunities worldwide
  • Promotes small businesses and creates jobs in the community

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