Resources for your local recycling coordinators to support our industry.

Gage Moretti

Unfortunately, some cities and counties ban For-Profit reclamation operators, such as Green Zone from operating in your area.

We’d like to change that and we could use your help!  Green Zone Recycling helped the NC Department of Environmental Quality assess textile recycling needs and resources and we were recently listed as a potential vendor for the state of NC.  We have helped several municipalities develop or change their ordinance to accommodate reputable reclamation operators, such as Green Zone.

If you want to get involved, please reach out to your local municipal solid waste contacts and request this service at your local convenience centers.  We will drop off a container and collect textiles for recycling at no cost to citizens while providing passive income to local business owners.

Does your state have a waste characterization report?
The EPA Sustainable Materials Management program offers assistance and resources to states and local governments.

The SMART Association provides resources for communities and explains why clothing bins can be an equitable regulatory response.

Feel free to forward this webinar series on State and Municipal Views on Textile Waste in the U.S to your local representatives.
This 4-part webinar series by RSS and the Textile Exchange, along with the EPA, provides an overview of the current statistics, including drivers and financial impact, and future outlook for U.S. textile waste and recovery.

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